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At FarmBid we provide Full Auction Services Start to Finish

  • Live In-Person farm Auctions
  • Live In-Person Farm Auctions with Online Bidding
  • Online-Only Farm Auctions
  • Estate Buy Outs
  • Multi-Seller Farm Consignment Auctions
  • Farm Auction Clerking, Cashiering and Settlement

Full Service Farm Auctions

FarmBid has been conducting farm auctions long before the modern technologies changed the way farm auctions were conducted. We still subscribe to the same belief that our clients deserve full service – whether you are having an in-person auction or an online auction.  Many auction companies have passed much of the work to the client.  From the inception of our relationship with you to the end we will ensure every detail is covered for you from set up, photography, line up, advertising, bidding, delivery, fulfilment, payment collections, accounting and settlement.  You are welcome to be involved as much or as little as you choose.  We are a “one stop shop” and we take exceptional care of our client’s needs.

True National Marketing

It is always up to the seller which audience we reach out to for them.  Do you want to reach a large national audience or a smaller local & regional audience of bidders?  Some of our customers are old fashioned. They don’t want all of the bells and whistles.  They want to sell to their neighbors and people they know and trust.  Some customers want to reach far and wide to find every possible competitive bidder for their equipment.  We can deliver that too! Over the years selling farm auctions we have developed so many powerful advertising resources that bring tremendous value to our clients.  Let’s talk and learn about your objectives and help you understand the best route for your equipment.

What do you get with FarmBid?

Audience and Advertising

Access to our audience and advertising resources is the most valuable aspect of what we do at FarmBid.  Because we own our bidding platform we always have access to the bidders and their bidding data.  This is a huge advantage to you over auctions using 3rd party providers.  For years we’ve amassed social media followers, email opt-ins, auction bidders from across the nation (even world), massive troves of farmer data and built advertising resources that are not available through other less advanced auction companies.  If exposure is important to you then FarmBid brings you value other farm auction companies can not deliver.  Let us show you how all of this comes together for the best auction outcome you can envision.

Multiple Marketing Platforms

FarmBid is the farm equipment auction marketing platform of DreamDirt.  DreamDirt is a land auction marketing company that offers multiple asset specific auction marketing platforms with cross audience capability that ensures your assets are exposed at a ridiculously higher rate than other auction companies. If you are considering selling farmland we can help you with that too!

Video Spotlights

Showing off your equipment is important.  In today’s world of online bidding, video spotlights are an exceptional way to build confidence in bidders and save them time and effort.  Remote inspections are a great convenience to bidders.  Making bidding easy is a key element of your successful auction.  From cameras to drones we’ll create compelling videos that expose your equipment in its best light.

Safe & Secure Funds Exchange

You don’t have to worry about bad checks, charge backs, scams and bad actors.  We collect the money using secure methods and ensure your financial well being is accounted for.   From requiring guaranteed funds, bank letter of credit, wire transfers, or check verifications we will keep you safe.

Proprietary Software

Many auctioneers provide online bidding through generic 3rd party providers which charge the auctioneer a fee, often a percentage of your assets and guess who pays it?  Yes, you do.  Those auctioneers don’t have access to the bidders or data, only the provider does.  At FarmBid, we invested the time, effort and money into building our very own farm auction software called BidCapture and it has been highly successful.  Not only do we run our software on bulletproof servers that ensure 100% uptime, we have access to all of our bidders and data anytime!  We also have better control on how your items display and we can deliver our auction services much more economically without passing additional costs on to you.

We Are Real Auctioneers

Did you know the vast majority of “reps” in the farm equipment industry have zero formal auction training.  Most go through a 6 hour orientation on how to fill out paperwork and where to submit it.  They are taught how to prospect for business and become “auction feeders” They are not qualified to offer you advice and lack the experience you need!  At FarmBid, our teams is made up of real trained and experienced auctioneers that can help you make the right decisions and shield you from potential harm.


High quality properly composed photos of your farm equipment is a key to drawing the value out of every item.  Used equipment sells for top prices when its clean, photographed with a nice backdrop in the right light.  Not only do we have the ability to bring mobile wash units right to you, we have the photographers that understand how to do it right.

Transaction Management

Whether you are selling 1 item or 100, bidder communication and transaction management can be overwhelming.  We have the team to ensure your buyers get every question answered, every manual is delivered, receipts and titles are issued, payments are collected and a full accounting of every penny has been recorded along the way. 

Extremely Competitive Farm Auction Commissions

If you are commission shopping – these are our farm auction commission rates.  It is based on cumulative accounting of each sales gross total.  If 2 neighbors want to join for one sale they get the benefit of reduced commission!  Shop around, you’ll find the top end our commission rates are the best in the industry and we didn’t cut any corners to get there. WE DO NOT CHARGE BUYERS PREMIUMS!

We can bring you the right buyers that will pay top price for your farm equipment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I have my auction conducted in person or online only?

Online only farm equipment auctions help you save time, money and expose you to less liability.  They are actually more work for us because every item has to be photographed and lotted into the computer.  Online only auctions help you avoid the stress of poor weather days. Parking issues are completely nullified.  Buyers don’t have to travel unless they win and nobody has to stand outside at an auction for 5 or 6 hours waiting for an item to sell.  Online auctions allow more time for bidding as well.  The convenience of online only farm equipment auctions is the reason today over 80% of farm equipment is sold using online only auctions.  Live Auctions – Most people choose live auctions today because that is how they bought and sold, it is what they are accustomed to and they believe it is the buyers choice.  Live auctions are fun, they are very social and we genuinely love to conduct live auctions the old fashioned way.  They can expose you to more liability with so many people on your property, they do create parking issues and the weather can be bad which causes some seller’s stress.  You should consider all points and know we will conduct your auction the way you believe is best and we’ll do a great job of it!

Where and how do you advertise farm auction?

It is important to understand advertising is about one thing only, bidder cultivation.  We are trying to reach people that will participate in your auction.  Our advertising for farm auctions goes two different directions and offers a multi-layered approach through full auction advertising and item level marketing.  You can look at it as offline and online or traditional and digital.  We cover all the bases and execute the marketing plan you agreed to upon listing your auction with FarmBid.  We use a mix of proprietary resources and public domain advertising resources.  From color fliers and newspaper ads to effective digital targeting of potential bidders using search engines, social media, email blasts and our mix of auction marketing platforms along with popular aggregation websites, signage, radio ads, direct mail and phone campaigns you can’t find a more powerful advertising program.

Such and Such Auction Company is Bigger than FarmBid, what makes you think you can do better?

Have you ever compared the results?  Bigger doesn’t mean more money.  It often means you pay a big commission for a big name.  We are not the largest auction company and in today’s world there are some HUGE farm auction companies.  We do not strive to be a huge auction company,. Our focus is on providing exceptional auction experiences for our sellers and helping them effectively close a chapter of their life with an auction that rewards them for their investment in equipment.  We believe our sellers get higher prices, more attention, better communication, more flexibility, more say-so and they are not “run over” by a giant company that moves from one to the next.  We will never be too busy to talk to you, we don’t have to go up the ladder to ask questions and you can call the boss anytime and speak directly to us.

What if the weather is bad on auction day?

Over the years we’ve run into this.  It does happen but our experience has shown that auction bidders will come rain or shine.  We’ve sold equipment when it was -29 degrees outside.  We have sold farm equipment in 6 hours of straight downpour rain.  If you choose a live auction its always best to allow online bidding with it.  Those that want to brave the elements will.  Those that prefer not to can stay home and still bid on your auction.  Don’t let weather be your top concern.  Everybody hopes for a bluebird day but we know how to maximize your outcome even if conditions are not perfect.

What Are Your Qualifications?

We have a high standard for our team.  In fact, as a team we’ve worked together to create the highest human resource standards in our company.  It’s no secret that few states regulate auctioneers or auctions.  We’ve taken it upon ourselves to ensure that all of our team and employees are properly trained.  Our team is led by 3 different CAI Auctioneer graduates.  This is the absolute pinnacle of auction education and takes 3 years to complete.  Our team members are also PRI certified and employ PRI communication methods.  Our standards for personal and professional conduct encompass the highest standards and you can have confidence none of the people working on your auction are part time or weekend auctioneers.  This is our full time occupation and it is what we do every day, not in our spare time.

Where are you located at?

If you look at the address at the bottom of this page you will see our main auction offices are in Iowa.  Like most auction companies today we have central locations but dispersed employees. We have physical offices in Storm Lake, Iowa; Winterset, Iowa; Onawa, Iowa and Kelliher in Northern Minnesota.  Our team members however are located all over the Midwest in different locations including Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri.  Their homes are scattered across the territories they serve our clients in and we have a local presence in most areas.  We have a team member close to you so if location is a concern you can check with us to understand how we will serve you.

How long does it take to have an auction from start to finish?

Most auction are pretty similar in marketing timeline.  From the day you engage FarmBid to conduct your auction until the auction is complete is about 25-35 days.  Some factors can influence the duration of marketing including the asset types and any specialty assets you might have.  Another complication can be how far apart assets are.  Are they all located in one location or do they have to be gathered from multiple locations.  We will offer you the best advice on auction timing and estimate who long it will take to complete the process.

How quickly do we get our money after an auction?

Settling an auction is a serious matter.  We can give you access to partial settlements very quickly.  With online bidding we often have to wait a few days for some bidder’s money to arrive.  As an example, if you have an auction on Saturday and an online bidder purchased multiple large items, we’d require him to wire the funds directly from their bank on Monday.  It can take until Tuesday before those funds are available to you once they have arrived.  Complete settlement should be completed in 14 days.  We will work with you on the settlement of funds to ensure all moneys and items are accounted for in the settlement and you are happy with it prior to the final check is issued.

How far will you travel to do an auction?

Distance is not an issue for us.  Our team has conducted auctions from Canada to Paraguay.  We have conducted thousands of auctions and we’ve proven our ability to attain maximum value in any environment and location.

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